VIVE Float Studio | SUMMIT COUNTY is located in the heart of ski country in the Rocky Mountains specializing exclusively in Float Therapy.  Our boutique total wellness center offers today's most cutting edge equipment/float rooms dedicated solely to providing simultaneous mental and physical REST and RECOVERY

We have a simple vision: to create a calm, clean, and curative gravity-free/sensory-free environment that allows a person the opportunity to passively rest in the restorative and accelerated healing powers achieved through float therapy, offered in an all-natural total wellness center. ​​

With the stresses of everyday life and sensory overload lessened, the body is able to more efficiently allocate its natural resources toward mental and physical healing and maintenance. This all-natural gravity-free and sensory-free healing environment is ideal for those with chronic pain, stress-induced illness, sports injuries and more. Click here to 'Learn More'