summit county | float faq's

Insight Into Floating!

Is the water clean?  Extremely. Our water is completely recirculated at least 6 times between each float through a 5 to 10 micron particulate filter times 3 and then treated with a combination of a germicidal UV lamp, ozone and  hydrogen peroxide. We test our water  daily to ensure that your float will be safe and comfortable. In  addition, the extreme salt concentration in our rooms is incredibly prohibitive to bacterial growth (just like the Dead Sea, where nothing can survive).  

What do I need to bring? Nothing.  Just yourself and an open mind. Everything else is provided. WE provide  robes, sandals, towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, ear plugs and rinse, and blow dryers. You may want to bring your hair brush and any personal care items you might need. 

Can I be under the influence of drugs or alcohol to enhance my float? Absolutely not! This will not enhance your float but create a very real possibility of drowning/safety issue for you should you slip, pass out or turn over.  

Do you have tanks, pods or rooms?  We have float rooms. They are 4.5 feet wide by 8 feet long, creating a very open environment. While all three offer the same 'gravity-free'  experience, it is often said that the sensory-free aspect can vary  between the three. What we focused on in selecting our float rooms was  the ability to  obtain a 'near' perfect sensory-free environment. Our  rooms allow us to control the water and air temperature within a degree of skin temperature (93.5), allowing us to create a void of touch. Light, smell and noise are kept at a bare minimum creating a  near perfect sensory-free experience.

What are the benefits of float rooms? There  are added benefits to a float room. Float rooms are significantly  larger than a pod (and of course tank), and are large enough to stand up and walk in and  out of. The opening door allows easy entry into the room, especially for  those with reduced mobility or muscle soreness. 

And finally, our float rooms offer an advanced heating system which allows us to control the air and water temperatures precisely enough to reduce humidity and condensation which can often impact your float session by dripping. 

What can I expect? Every experience is different and unique to each user. It will certainly be unique to anything you've felt before.

Is floating 'legit'?  Absolutely! Floating has existed for over 40 years with numerous  published studies and media coverage that has discussed the physical,  spiritual and intellectual benefits you are about to experience.

Is it weird? It is different. Your body is in an environment it probably hasn't been in since birth. So yes. It will take some getting used to. But it is worth  it! Make sure to float at least 3 times-many studies show your mental and physical recovery will just continue to improve as you find your  personal float rhythm.

Can I float if I am pregnant? Yes.  With the okay from your physician or midwife, you may float in your  second or third trimester. Many pregnant women find floating helps  relieve the joint pain and inflammation associated with carrying additional baby weight. Floating has been shown to reduce cortisol levels and boost endorphins which may help counteract the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy which can result in insomnia, anxiety,  and depression. Anecdotally, many mothers-to-be in the room experience an amazing bonding experience with their unborn baby known as the "mirror  effect" where the baby rests peacefully in the womb while the mother rests in a similar womb-like environment.

Is there a maximum or minimum age to float? Anyone between 13 and 18 years of age can float. We do require parental consent and ask that the parent be present for the duration of the float. There is no maximum age, as long as one is capable of physically stepping in and out of the float room while holding the handrails for safety  (like getting in and out of a bathtub at home, but even lower). 

Can I float if I’m menstruating? Yes. Just follow the same protocol you would for a swimming pool.

What is the water temperature? The  water is 93.5 degrees, or skin temperature. The air is also 93.5 so you  will find yourself losing track of where the water and air ends and your body begins.

How long should I float?  For a minimum of an hour — or more if time allows. Letting your mind  become free of distractions and your body free of gravity is mentally  and physically  restorative. The 'nothingness' of that experience is everything and more. Feel free to check when you arrive if you can do a 30-minute add-on for an additional $25.00 allowing you 90-minutes of restorative float therapy.

What is the benefit of total darkness? In total darkness and with your ears just below the surface, nothing can reach you. The outside world is now non-existent. Your focus can turn  inwards where amazing things will happen.

Why is gravity-free invaluable? Giving  your body a break from gravity's hold can be transforming. This  stimuli-free environment allows, usually otherwise occupied parts of  your mind and body to completely focus elsewhere as the body is then allowed to recover, restore and revive itself.

What will the salt do to my hair and skin? With over 1,000 pounds of salt cradling your body, you will leave with your skin silky and your hair rejuvenated when you emerge. And unlike what  you experience after a long bath, your skin will not be pruney! The Epsom salt solution is moisturizing and hydrating for the skin.

What if I recently dyed my hair?  For the benefit of your hair color and for the tanks, please wait until your 'home'  shower water runs clear when you wash your hair before coming to float,  generally 48 hours.

Is there a recommended way to float? There's  no wrong way to float. Keep the lights off. Or turn them on. Listen to  music or float in silence. Leave immediately or hang out after in The  Quiet Center.  You get to decide what feels best to you!

Should I workout before or after a float? We find it is best to get your hard workout in before your float. Floating  reduces muscle tension, neutralizes the spine and helps the body recover more quickly.​

Can two people float in the same float room at once? No.  Our rooms are designed for one, and we believe that floating is deeply  personal and should be experienced alone.  Since we have three float  rooms, feel free to book the room next to your nearest and dearest.

What if I wear contacts? We recommend that you take them out prior to floating.  Be sure to bring your case and solution.

What is 'R.E.S.T.'? Floating is also known as R.E.S.T. or Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy. The perfect acronym for what all of our bodies need from time to time.

Do I have to stay in the whole time? There aren’t any latches on the float rooms and you can get out anytime. That  said, the 60-minutes usually goes by much faster than you’d expect. So lay back and breathe.

Should I float nude? Most people don't wear anything when floating, and this is what we recommend as well. Anything you wear while floating will become heavy with Epsom salt and cause a distraction during your float. Also, bathing suits are a  main source of contamination in public pools and spas, so we prefer you float nude. 

Are there any weight or size restrictions for floating? Our float rooms have been tested with individuals weighing up to 350 pounds who have been able to float without issue. And if your taller then 8 ft. we can't assist you since our float rooms are 8ft long. I think we have everyone covered!

What should I do to prepare? Nothing  specific. Ideally avoid caffeine 90- minutes before you float. It is also best not to shave or wax right beforehand because the Epsom salt might sting a bit.

What if I am claustrophobic?  Again, our rooms are very spacious (4.5 ft. wide x 8 ft. long) and YOU are always in control. You can leave the lights on and the glass door open if desired. It is amazing when you close your eyes - you feel more like you are floating in space than in a float room. 

What if I have to go to the bathroom? Please exit the float room slowly, give yourself a quick rinse, put on your robe and slippers and travel to the facilities. There is a $500 charge for leaving ANYTHING behind in our float rooms! And please note that the water concentration is not like a pool -we can see everything! Just FYI

Should I wear earplugs? It is a personal preference. But, we often suggest that it best to wear earplugs to insure that your ears remain salt free and as a second layer of sound proofing. We believe our earplugs to be the best in the industry as they work well and avoid the ear canal all together. 

What should I do if I get salt in my ears?  Many people float without ear plugs which means salt will get in the  ears. Either with or without earplugs we ask that everyone use the 50/50  white distilled vinegar to water rinse during your post float shower.  If you find that you have crackling in your ears the next day, don't  panic, just stop by the studio and use our rinse or make your own mix  and rinse again with cotton balls/Kleenex to catch the liquid. This  simple rinse will remedy that crackling noise quickly!

What if I don't know how to float? No need to worry. The Epsom salt solution will do all the work for you. You couldn't 'not' float if you tried! 

Should you have additional questions we haven't covered please call our studio and one of our team members will assist. And if they can't we will get back to you with an answer.