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Insight Into Halo

Are there any side effects? Normally there are no side effects. Some people might experience a scratchy throat or a tickle in their sinuses. Others who might be slightly more sensitive could experience a minor skin irritation, which tends to go away after a session or two. For those who experience a slight cough, this is a sign that the salt therapy is effectively working. The body is loosening and releasing all the mucous buildup.

What kind of salt is used? 99.99% pure sodium chloride (Pharmaceutical grade salt). It contains no fillers or caking agents. It does come from a natural source but it is naturally processed to remove all of its impure elements. It’s the same salt that hospitals use and is the same type of salt all the research has been conducted on. 

Are there any contraindications? Not really. However, because Halotherapy has a detoxifying effect by releasing toxins and bacteria from the body, people who are taking certain medications might want to wait until they are done with the medication. Always check with your doctor before starting any Salt Therapy treatments if you are taking any medications for severe conditions.

How many sessions/times a week is necessary? HaloTherapy offers the best results when practiced regularly. The benefits are accumulative where consistency and frequency is the key. People with chronic issues will benefit greatly if visiting salt rooms at least 3-4 times a week.  Those who are looking to incorporate Salt Therapy into their regular wellness routine would benefit from a weekly session. Halotherapy is safe to use on a daily basis if desired.

What is the treatment duration per session? Our HaloBooth only requires 25 minutes for a salt booth session due to the power of the Halogenerator.

What results can patients expect? Many patients who have asthma, allergies and other bronchial issues have seen some amazing results in a short period of time. Breathing became easier; more energy was experienced and just an overall better quality of life. Now we don’t make any medical claims about Dry Salt Therapy but after receiving treatments patient’s respiratory issues and lung function have vastly improved. In addition, those who have severe skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema or acne have also had incredible improvements in the health of their skin.

What will I experience when I sit in the salt booth? Oor salt booth is methodically designed in such a way so that people can relax in a soothing and tranquil environment using color therapy lighting. It’s a place where one can sit back and experience the salt treatment in a very peaceful and non-stressful setting. People can read, listen to music or write a note to a friend or family member with one of our complimentary VALUED postcard's.  If your bringing a young child feel free to play cards that we provide, or color in one of our provided coloring books.

How should I dress? You can dress down to your comfort level. Many go in with their normal clothing on, others go in naked using the salt to repair and enhance the skin. 

When should HaloTherapy be avoided? As Halotherapy is known as a safe and natural treatment, clients who have any serious health conditions or women who are pregnant should always seek proper medical advice from a doctor first. Halotherapy is not recommended for people who have the following conditions.

· Infections associated with a fever

· Contagious diseases

· Cancer

· Tuberculosis

· Cardiac disease patients

· Acute respiratory disease

· Severe hypertension

· Chronic obstructive lung diseases

· Intoxication