Old Town | Infrared Sauna Therapy

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna offering near, mid and far wavelengths

Next Generation Full Spectrum InfraRed

VIVE invested in Sunlighten, the only patented Solocarbon 3-in-1® sauna heater on the market to provide all three infrared wavelengths in one place and customizable to each user. The mPulse® Series is the only line of smart full spectrum infrared saunas in the world with full-spectrum – near, mid or far – infrared sauna technology. It was important to our REST and RECOVERY model that our clientele have the ability to maximize their wellness journey using the full-spectrum technology.

Near infrared (NIR) is the shortest infrared wavelength.  Scientific research shows that when delivered at the vital wavelength of 880nm, without extreme heat or light, NIR promotes skin renewal, cell health, wound healing, and tissue growth.  


Mid infrared (MIR) is a slightly longer wavelength that can penetrate deeper into the body’s soft tissue assisting with increased circulation, accelerated healing and reduced inflammation.


Far infrared (FIR) is the longest wavelength offering the deepest penetration into the body at the cellular level. The goal of far infrared is to create a hyperthermia effect by raising your core body temperature. At this deep cellular level, infrared helps cells to vibrate and purge toxins through your sweat. Sweating helps to expel heavy metals, pesticides and environmental toxins.

The Power of 3-in-1

Because the three heating mechanisms (NIR, MIR, FIR) within the full spectrum heaters operate independently, they can be programmed to generate any combination of NIR, MIR, and FIR heat. Research shows that specific parts of the infrared spectrum are effective at producing different health benefits.  The 3-in-1 sauna blends the optimal wavelengths—near, mid, and far—to achieve specific results. Seven preset wellness programs are ready to use at the touch of a button.

  • Detoxification
  • Relaxation
  • Anti-Aging
  • Cardiovascular
  • Weight Loss
  • Pain Relief
  • Customized Programming

And then there was MORE!

In addition to the full-spectrum benefits our sauna we also offer the full-benefits of Chromotherapy (color) and Acoustic Resonance Therapy (A.R.T. or Sound Waves) as well.  

Chromotherapy is the science of using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony. Each color possesses frequencies of a specific vibration, and each vibration is related to different physical symptoms.

Our bodies need the sun’s light to live. And that light can actually be broken down into a seven color spectrum. An imbalance of any of those colors can manifest itself in physical and mental symptoms. Color therapy works on various energy points to help balance your body via the full spectrum of visible light, each color addressing a distinct need.

Insight into Chromotherapy

Red | Is believed to increase the pulse, raise blood pressure and increase the rate of breathing. Red would be applied to support circulatory and nervous functions.

Strong Pink | Acts as a cleanser, strengthening veins and arteries.

Pink | Activates and eliminates impurities in the blood stream.

Orange | Is a mixture of red and yellow.  Activating and eliminating localized fat. Assists with asthma and bronchitis.

Strong Yellow | Strengthens the body and activates internal tissues.

Yellow | The brightest color used in chromotherapy, has been used to purify the skin, help with indigestion, strengthen the nervous system, treat  glandular diseases, hepatitis and lymphatic disorders and assist  metabolism.

Green | A color associated with harmony, provides a neutral, positive calming effect.

Strong Green | Provides anti-infectious, anti-septic and regenerative stimulation.

Strong Blue | Lubricates joints, helps address stress, nervous tension and infections.

Blue | Promotes relaxation and calm. Blue exhibits tranquilizing qualities  often used to relieve headaches and migraines, colds, stress, nervous  tension, rheumatism, stomach pains, muscle cramps and liver disorders.  Blue is thought to have a positive effect on all kinds of pain.

Indigo | Is used to address conditions involving the eyes, ears and nose. It has a calming, sedative effect.

Violet | Is used to calm the nervous system, soothe organs and relax muscles.  Violet has meditative qualities and is often used to treat conditions of  the lymphatic system and spleen, as well as urinary disorders and  psychosis.

Acoustic Resonance Therapy (A.R.T.)  produces deep penetrating harmonic sound waves. The harmonically balanced flow of musical sound waves through your body will enhance natural relaxation and healing. A.R.T. promotes sensory integration and full body/mind harmony. 

Music has been used throughout the ages to uplift, relax, energize, inspire, unify and transition us. When we feel music resonating through our body it naturally brings deeper body awareness. Body awareness not only anchors you in the present moment, it also strengthens the immune systems and supports your body’s ability to heal itself. Tune out the stress, worry and noise and tune in to a musical mind and body massage experience that relaxes, inspires and refreshes you while using the infrared sauna.