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Next Generation VibroAcoustic

VIVE is excited to carry the most advanced InnerSoul Tranquility Liquid Sound Table™ providing style and comfort combined with the state-of-the-art Advanced Technology Transducers; offering the most sophisticated sound delivery system for reducing stress, alleviating physical pain and creating a space for deep meditation.

The Advanced Technology Transducers  deliver the vibration so cleanly that the brain interprets the stimulus as Sound, not Shaking and are the heart of the InnerSoul Tranquility Sound & Water Tables. The Sound & Water Table has excellent sound and full body vibration and is an excellent delivery system for Vibroacoustic Music and Vibroacoustic Therapy. 

Since our bodies are nearly 60% water the sound gently permeates our cells allowing a gentle massage from the inside, as well as out.  Laying on the liquid sound table the water transmits the sound and vibrations efficiently to our bodies while floating in incredible comfort on the water waves as your body is bathed in soothing sound and relaxing vibroacoustic vibrations.

What is VibroAcoustic Therapy?

VibroAcoustic Sound Therapy (VAT) is a science-based treatment that uses mild sound and gentle vibrations to create a gentle massage which in turn can reduce stress, relieve pain, restore balance and enhance the quality of life. VAT addresses the issues for which sounds are helpful and aims to 'retune' the body back into harmony, stimulating the regulatory, metabolic and immune systems back into balance.  

VAT introduces the healthy vibration of cells into the body through the treatment table.  This results in a healthy resonant response in our cells. These frequencies range between 30Hz and 120Hz and are applied directly to the body through a the treatment table topped with a water-filled mattress. VAT works with resonant frequency whereby our cells copy vibrations we feel, much like the way we feel the bass in our chest during a concert.  This experience creates space for deep relaxation to take place to ease and release symptoms related to stress. VAT brings the body into a state of healthy resonance.    


The use of low frequencies and therapeutic music is delivered through special speakers called transducers. The transducers can be embedded within custom tables with water bladders. As a person’s body has contact with the embedded speakers, the music is sent from the source into the transducers and then is felt by the body as vibration and heard by the ears as sound. The vibro-tactile input stimulates nerve bundles along the spine, up into the brain stem and then through the limbic system. In addition, the sound stimulates the medulla in the brain stem and activates the auditory nerve that connects with all the muscles of the body. These reactions signal the body to relax and flood the brain with mood lifting chemicals. In addition, the low frequencies also cause a relaxation of the tissues, and a dilation of blood vessels and an opening of the lymphatic pathways which in turn increases the body’s ability to heal.